Friday, December 4, 2009

Put your Photo on Bing's Home Page

Yup you heard me right.
You can have your photo featured on Bing's Home page.

All you gotta do is

goto their Link at Facebook

Be a fan of this and then upload your pic to Bing.
If they like it, then you 'll be on their page.

For more details visit the link.

Best of Luck

Your Ideal DSLR Kit

Hey guys I m thinking about making photography as a semi-profession.
Although I need cash to buy the equipment, which I don't have at the moment :P

But I wanna share my Thoughts about Ideal DSLR Kit.

Your can share yours in the comments.


Here it goes

Canon 5D mk2
24-105mm f 4.0 L Lens
70-200mm f2.8 L Lens
100mm Macro Lens
85mm f1.2 Lens
Speedlite EX580

A really good tripod(I m not a expert on this, so no name)
This is my dream kit.

What's yours?????????

I m back!!!

Sorry for no update at all.

I was kinda tangled up.

But Now I m back and I 'll try my best to express my opinions as much as possible
and keep you guys update

Thanks for sticking to me :)


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