Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My take on iPad

Ok i m not a total Apple geek, so most of you would be like, shut up out cast.

but i wanna discuss this thing called the iPad
But before that, some explanation of the product

OK that's not actually it.

it's this product right here

First impressions, It's a huge iPod .... End of story???? well not quite
You see it has a bigger screen and the same multi-touch technology as the ipod touch except for the fact it's not widescreen.
OK OK it's a huge iPod Touch and it can play all the apps too.
But what's the point of turning a already slim and small product in to a bigger???
Well, it serves as a huge notebook(actual one) where you can write all the things you want or even use it as a folder to keep your photos and stuff.
This is THAT note book.
The size is decent so that it can be used more than just a pocket audio/video player. The size also gives it a great appeal for being used as a newspaper or a book and apple certainly looked into this matter by introducing the ibook.

And I think that pretty much sums it up, it's a luxury product, it's not essential. it's more of a novelty  than a must have gadget.
The only i think of is to pick it up and walk infront of my poor friends while swiping images on the beautiful screen and say .... Hi!

It's a heart breaker.

But being a photographic tool, i think it makes some appeal,
So you are on a photo shoot and you take a huge number of pictures, and you have a representative of your client with you, now you don't wanna show your work on a 3" display of your camera don't you?


you take the iPad out, use a dongle to attach you camera via USB or take out the SD card and use a card reader. then show your work on the beautiful screen where the client the pinch zoom in and out to check out the full details, loves it and wants to show it to the boss, so what do you do then, you simple e-mail them or upload to the respective site right from the iPad (or it's what I think you can do)

and in that regard it makes perfect sense, rather than using a dead photo viewer why not use a device that gives a bit of flexibility to your work and that's exactly what iPad is, it's an enhancer to your work, a catalyst to your productivity, a crown jewel that gives that extra shine, a device that makes you look cool :P

But would you be completely lost without it? .... No

By the way i know that Windows 7 can support multi touch so it won't take long rival companies like sony, HP and Dell to come up with a Windows7 tablet, only difference would be ... they will be more powerful and will have full computer compatibility, which iPad doesn't have, but then that means it will have the same problems of big weight and size, and if you reduce that then you 'll get slow performance with the useless ATOM processors.

So fingers crossed all the PC fans, maybe we 'll get a corei3 tablet that we can slide in our bags :)

Long story short, iPad is definitely an innovation but not a must have

Thanks so much for reading


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Story about me :)

Hey Guys,
It's Hamza.
I wanna to share my experience of how i got to know about DSLRs and pro style photography in general.
I know 4 years ago when a friend of mine bought his first DSLR and here's the thing, he didn't know a thing about cameras, so he calls me and says i have a really cool camera but I don't know how to use it :D

and i had a camera called Sony P-43. it was a basic camera that didn't even have optical zoom, so manual settings were out of the question.

The DSLR he bought was the Nikon D70s with Nikkor 18-200mm VR DX lens, pretty impressive huh, but i didn't know anything about and when he saw me the camera i was all other idiots out there, "You bought an old Film Camera????" and he was like it's Digital i inserted the card in it myself. and he was like, this camera can swap lenses and i was like, what good can that do?? :D
Pretty dumb huh :P

then i took some photos in AUTO mode and i was like, this is just heavy and nothing else.
Little did I know that this would become something that would have passion for.
then i started doing research and now I love these things.

What's your story?????

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Earn Money by selling your photos

Hey Guys It's Hamza.

I recently bought a DSLR that is capable of capturing some great photos and I thought to myself, Can I sell them?
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sony Cybershot DSC WX-1 Review

Hey Guys, Long time no see i know.
But i m back with a review.
This time it's my new point and shoot

Sony Cybershot WX-1.
Before we go to our real world details, let's check out the specs

It has
-10.2 MPx Exmor R sensor
-5x G Zoom Lens
-Wide angle of 24mm
-Bright Aperture of f2.4
-10 fps burst mode
-Intelligent Auto
-Sweep panorama mode
-720p HD video @ 30fps
-and all the stuff you expect from a compact camera

Ok now let's check em one by one in real world


This features Sony's new Exmor R sensor, otherwise known as "Back-lit CMOS" sensor.

The concept of this is to remove all the wiring between the pixels of the sensor and putting them behind the actual sensing part, which will theoretically let 50% more light in.

The end result, it should 50% better in low light..... And it is.... very Good in low light.

This camera is meant to be used without flash in dim lit situations.

Of course there is noise but it's monochromatic which gives the pictures a certain old picture style grain effect, which is acceptable unlike that chroma noise from CCD sensors which ruin the whole picture.


In bright light situation, it's a different story. This camera is not as good as a CCD in bright light. Colors are rendered differently, they have a bit more detail in the shadows but the depth is sort of ... Gone. I think it's due to high ISO which starts from 160 which is twice of where my old H-50 used to start( at 80)
But in now context this is a bad camera, it's excellent for any new user but the owners of the ones with CCD sensor will understand what i mean.


This has a 5x optical zoom utilizing Sony's new G lens and has superb quality and the photos are quite sharp in all condition.
But the most noticeable thing for me was the reduction in color fringing which is visible at the end of your subject as a pink or blue light, it's nearly gone with this lens which is excellent.

the lens has widest focal length of 24mm, in simple words the area that one our eyes see is roughly equivalent to 50mm
and this lens can go 24mm so it captures more than what you can see with your eyes which is very helpful in indoor situations where you can't step back any further.
and the lens also benefits from a bright aperture of f2.4 which adds to the performance of Exmor R sensor.

Movie mode

This camera can shoot video at 30fps in following resolutions
-640x480(also available at 15fps)

The footage looks really good and if you are moving from VGA to HD, you 'll find out that it's more than just resolution that's been improved.

However don't expect the Auto focus to be as good as a camcorder and the YES you can zoom while you shoot but it's slow and very noisy

the sound recording is mono and the mic is placed right next to the lens which is good in terms of "you won't muffle the sound by accidentally putting your finger on it"
but it catches the sound of zoom motor which muffles the sound for you.

Apart from that it's all good news.

Intelligent Auto

a First for Sony here but it's been done before.

The difference between normal Auto and iAuto is that it's faster and detects not just the lighting and colors but also detects scene and makes setting accordingly which makes it super easy to use.

Other Goodies

-It has a mode called the sweep panorama which automatically takes all the photos and laces them together for a panorama image
-it can also shoot @ full resolution @ 10fps but don't expect to continue it for even another second.
-The 'P' mode is usual with manual settings for metering, focusing, exposure compensation white balance and etc etc.
-No aperture no shutter priority modes

Final Verdict

Buy ONE!!!!
This is a super easy-to-use Point and shoot camera with superb low light performance, wide focal length, superb handling and fine lens which is also very good for portraits and low lights.

If you have any question, please leave it in the comment section.

:::::Video Review coming soon::::::

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My First ever DSLR(Unboxing of alpha a230 twin lens kit)

DSLR-Sony DSLR-Sony a230
DSLR-Sony DSLR-Sony a230
DSLR-Sony DSLR-Sony a230

I bought my first ever DSLR, I am an enthusiast and i know a lot about these cameras but never had the cash to own one.
Until now. I bought this for 2 reasons
1. I love SONY
2. This is the cheapest deal in the market.

Enjoy the Unboxing video of the camera.
I 'll post the review soon.


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