Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sony Reveals the A700 successor (but not the specs)

This will be the Successor to the Sony's really old Semi-Pro DSLR, the A700
But Sony hasn't disclosed the specs just yet.
but by the looks, it will be a translucent mirror camera.

Canon 600D / T3i and Canon 1100D / T3

Canon announced their new entry level DSLRs couple of days ago (I know I m late)
The 600D uses the same 18 Megapixel APS-C sensor as the old 550D
But now it has an fully articulated screen(same res of 1 million pixel)
Pop-up flash has the ability to control wireless flash guns (impressive)
Movie mode still has the crop function but now with full HD (again impressive)
The rest is same, DIGIC IV Processor, viewfinder, focusing, metering the lot.

Canon 1100D/T3 is the long awaited Budget DSLR by Canon.
it has the 12 Megapixel CMOS sensor and DIGIC IV Processor
Has Movie mode but only at 720p
and gets the same 9 point AF and amazingly the same metering as the 600D/T3i


Samsung Galaxy S 2 leaked

Specs and a pic of Samsung Galaxy S 2 have emerged on the web.

This one shall use the dual core 1 GHz CPU (probably A9 Cortex)
Ram has bumped to 1 GB
and the Screen goes from "Super AMOLED" to "Super AMOLED plus"
Screen Size goes up from 4" to 4.2" but the resolution stays at WVGA (800x480) rather than qHD(960x540)

Camera goes up to 8 Megapixel with LED flash (finally) and capable of shooting 1080p @ 24fps

That's all i can dig up, stay connected for more ;)

Nokia decides to join hands with Microsoft

Nokia decided to use Windows Phone 7 OS as their primary OS in their devices.
Not just that, Microsoft and Nokia have agreed upon a lot of joint ventures regarding telecommunication.
Nokia wants to bring the Windows Phone or Windows Mobile OS to the masses by offering cheaper alternatives and expanding the scope of Windows Mobile/Phone.

Now some pics of upcoming Nokia prototypes running windows have emerged.



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