Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My take on iPad

Ok i m not a total Apple geek, so most of you would be like, shut up out cast.

but i wanna discuss this thing called the iPad
But before that, some explanation of the product

OK that's not actually it.

it's this product right here

First impressions, It's a huge iPod .... End of story???? well not quite
You see it has a bigger screen and the same multi-touch technology as the ipod touch except for the fact it's not widescreen.
OK OK it's a huge iPod Touch and it can play all the apps too.
But what's the point of turning a already slim and small product in to a bigger???
Well, it serves as a huge notebook(actual one) where you can write all the things you want or even use it as a folder to keep your photos and stuff.
This is THAT note book.
The size is decent so that it can be used more than just a pocket audio/video player. The size also gives it a great appeal for being used as a newspaper or a book and apple certainly looked into this matter by introducing the ibook.

And I think that pretty much sums it up, it's a luxury product, it's not essential. it's more of a novelty  than a must have gadget.
The only i think of is to pick it up and walk infront of my poor friends while swiping images on the beautiful screen and say .... Hi!

It's a heart breaker.

But being a photographic tool, i think it makes some appeal,
So you are on a photo shoot and you take a huge number of pictures, and you have a representative of your client with you, now you don't wanna show your work on a 3" display of your camera don't you?


you take the iPad out, use a dongle to attach you camera via USB or take out the SD card and use a card reader. then show your work on the beautiful screen where the client the pinch zoom in and out to check out the full details, loves it and wants to show it to the boss, so what do you do then, you simple e-mail them or upload to the respective site right from the iPad (or it's what I think you can do)

and in that regard it makes perfect sense, rather than using a dead photo viewer why not use a device that gives a bit of flexibility to your work and that's exactly what iPad is, it's an enhancer to your work, a catalyst to your productivity, a crown jewel that gives that extra shine, a device that makes you look cool :P

But would you be completely lost without it? .... No

By the way i know that Windows 7 can support multi touch so it won't take long rival companies like sony, HP and Dell to come up with a Windows7 tablet, only difference would be ... they will be more powerful and will have full computer compatibility, which iPad doesn't have, but then that means it will have the same problems of big weight and size, and if you reduce that then you 'll get slow performance with the useless ATOM processors.

So fingers crossed all the PC fans, maybe we 'll get a corei3 tablet that we can slide in our bags :)

Long story short, iPad is definitely an innovation but not a must have

Thanks so much for reading



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