Monday, March 28, 2011

Symbian^3 will not die (atleast soon that is)

Nokia just stated its future plans for the Symbian^3 OS by calling all its developers.
Expect new devices with 1GHz+ Processors running Symbian^3 OS.
Developers will also work on new updates, which will enhance Web experience, better Sat Nav and the most thing of all, better looking Menu Layout( the picture)
But that begs the question about WP7, will Nokia continue with Symbian as its primary Os when the WP7 hits?
Apparently Nokia doesn't want Symbian users to be forgotten, due to which regular updates will roll out of Nokia .... atleast for now.
Some of these new updates will roll out in the T-Mobile branded Nokia C7 (Astound)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mobiado and Aston Martin show off a Sexy Concept

Mobiado and Aston Martin are both luxury product makers and they show off a Phone which is powerful enough to run Android OS, BUT, has a sapphire body which is actually a touchscreen LCD but when off you can see through it :S

As they say these days, what can't they do these days :D

The Phone might not be a Power house but you have to admit it is a looker :P

The Phone looks absolutely beautiful, lets see if this concept lives or not

HTC EVO 3D : Official for both CDMA and GSM

This beast of a device will be hitting the shelves in summer, not only that, it will also be available in both 4G CDMA and GSM flavors.
CDMA versio will have internal storage of 4GB and GSM will have 1GB.
Apart from that it will use snapdragon 1.2GHz Dual Core CPU and 1GB Ram.
It also confirms the 1080p recording in 2D movie mode.

So One hell of a phone we are talking about here.
Can't wait to get my hand on it :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

HTC EVO 3D : Glasses off 3D on

HTC just announced their smoking hot EVO 3D, which has a 3D touchscreen and loads of new enhancments over the old HTC phones.
Main Specs include:
1.2 GHz Dual Core CPU
1GB Ram
4.3" qHD(960x540) Touchscreen Display
Dual 5 Megapixel Cameras for 3D stills and 720p 3D video
HTC Sense 3.0
Android 2.3
and the usual bluetooth, wifi, GPS and the stuff.

The phone is absolute beauty and the specs look promising, Can hardly wait :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My very own Kinect (unboxing)

Unboxing video of Samsung Galaxy Sl i9003 4GB

A77 coming in Oct

Sony people gave another hint about the upcoming A77, still no word on the specs but hopefully it will be a semi pro class like the old A700, only with a translucent mirror tech to make it stand out from the crowd.
Will keep posting

Expect to see another Full Frame Sony Alpha in 2012?

Sony People just gave a hint about their latest full frame Alpha Camera to hit the markets on 2012, they say that it will feature Translucent mirror technology, which should be interesting.
Will keep posting until something new comes up.

Sony NEX-Fs100 Details released

Sony just released the details regarding the NEX-FS100, which is the pro version of the NEX-VG10.
This means a serious tool to the movie makers, with professional audio recording using the XLR ports and a form factor that allows custom built mounts to be used in specific situations.
This Features an APS-C Sensor/Super 35mm Sensor with the ability to shoot in 1920x1080 60p @ 28Mbps
and some other formats too

NTSC Frame Rate / Bit Rate Recording Options

  • PS (28Mbps) 1920×1080 60p
  • HD FX (24Mbps) 1920×1080 30p
  • HD FX (24Mbps) 1920×1080 24p
  • HD FX (24Mbps) 1920×1080 60i
  • HD FH (17Mbps) 1920×1080 60i
  • HD HQ (9Mbps) 1440×1080 60i
  • HD LP (5Mbps) 1440×1080 60i
  • HD FH (17Mbps),1920×1080 24p
  • HD FH (17Mbps) 1920×1080 30p
  • HD FX (24Mbps), 1280×720 60p
  • HD FH (17Mbps) 1280×720 60p
  • HQ (9Mbps) 720×480/60i (30p Scan)
  • HQ (9Mbps), 720×480/60i (24p Scan)
and ofcourse, turn the 60 to 50 and you got yourself PAL screen rates.

I think it's a superb camcorder, the one that would appeal to serious videographers who go lengths in making their DSLR camera usable.


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