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Sony Ericsson W910i Review

Ok I used this phone for a week and I think i can explain all the pros and cons of this phone to help out next potential buy for this phone.

Ok before we go into the details lets round up the headlines, the pros and cons in short.

-Nice package of features in the price
-Design is very pleasing to Eye
-Slide mechanism is brilliant
-Best Walkman Software yet on a Walkman phone
-Nice Motion Sensor(Accelerometer)
-Big and Nice Screen
-Cool range of colors

-Lack of Ergonomics
-Ear piece is placed on very uncomfortable place
-Loud Speaker location is Questionable
-Buttons are not good for Messaging
-Laggy Messaging and Phonebook operations
-Sound Quality is not Walkman worthy
-Loud Speaker(Are you kidding me)

------------------------- Details -------------------------

The phone is totally made out of plastic.
Looks wise the phone is a masterpiece, Its slim and very well made. The color choices are superb. The screen is nice and big and the back light is noticeable in almost every situation. The Slide Mechanism is very Robust and will work in many years to come.

On the downside, this design is not very ergonomic. The Earpiece is way up there with the sharp edge of the top and the loud speaker is way down to get muffed by the fingers.
The buttons are very hard and small. Its a Hell for Person who loves Texting.

Loud Speaker
The loud speaker is located on the bottom end of the phone and its very easy to muff it because it is placed right where your fingers would go.
Plus when you put your phone on Loud Speaker while calling, you are not getting anything. The loud speaker is too silent and is not good enough, same goes for the ring tones.
Although this loud speaker has 72 polyphony, but it plays the music in very awkward way, so try it before you buy it.

The Screen is 320x240 and 2.4" in size. Its very nice and bright and there was not much trouble using in direct sunlight. The screen however is very reflective and attracts a lot of finger prints.

Menu and Home Screen
The Home screen and Menu is typical Sony Ericsson, Except it now supposts themes that can work with Motion Sensor, This works with Menu and Home Screen.
Menu is very basic and old sony ericsson user will find himself at home when using this menu system

The messaging software provides all the possibilities that you expect from a SE(Sony Ericsson) Phone, only more more thing, The messaging software is some what laggy and works slower than your hands, If you don't use t9 then you 'll probably hate this phone, The problem get appearant when you turn on music at the back and then type message, the slowness then becomes a huge headache.

Nothing Special here except, this is slow as well, and it can be a huge head ache when driving or when dialing in emergency.

Its a type of File Manager, Only with some limitations, It does not give you complete control over content like traditional File Manager but it put a bit of Cool Factor into it, In Other words Its a Walkman Feature for Music, Pictures, Videos and some Web Contents. It shows files in very cool animation way, and of course it has auto rotate function which aligns the content as you turn your phone in landscape or portrait mode. This function works brilliantly but of course get a bit slow you play song in the background.

Motion Sensor and Apps
This phone has a very effective motion sensor, almost with out lag. As i said before you can put that feature to work with some themes, which is cool. But it has some Apps too. Sad thing is that Sony Ericsson has separate icons for games and Apps, and they are apart too. Games is in full menu but Apps are in Orgnizer.
In Games we got Marble Madness in which you have to guide a marble to the goal by tilting the device in the direction where you wanted it.
In the apps we got Music Mate 4 which uses motion sensor to work as a drum stick and play each instrument by shaking the device in that Device.

Last but not least, The music or should i say, The Walkman feature. It starts from the Media Icon in the main menu. It has a lot features like Sense me and Shake Control. Sense me is a funtion that dedects the level of available songs and devides them in 4 quadrants. 4 arrow heads represent Slow, Fast, Sad, Happy. The level of songs are represent by small dots in the quadrants. SO you select a song and if its the kinda mode you have, the phone will make a automatic playlist by your mood, which is cool but not that practical, Like all the cool things :P.
Of course you can press the 'W' button on the top to activate the shake control and you can shake right to Forward and Left to Reverse the songs or shake a lot to Shuffle the songs.

Sadly This phone, despite being Walkman, does not have hardware sound card, so the quality is not ground breaking, Infact its Just OK and can easily be beaten by some Xpress Music Phone from Nokia, Especially 5310.


So here is the verdict, If you are a young dude who just has the phone for fun instead of work, then by all means go for the Sony Ericsson
But if work and efficiency is the first thing on the list then maybe you are off with a cheaper nokia like 6303, al though it looks like an alien.

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