Thursday, June 18, 2009

Comparison: Sony HX1 vs Canon SX1S

I am always asked, which is the better camera, Canon SX1S or Sony HX1.
So instead of replying to everyone i decided to post it here.
Here it goes.

-Both sony and canon has same size of Sensor ,nearly(Sony's 1/2.4" vs Canon's 1/2.3"), both sensors are CMOS, but there is a difference, Sony has 9.1 Megapixel and canon has 10.1 Megapixel, That could be a crucial difference, you see the surface of the sensor is of same size, but canon has one million pixels more than sony which means the size of the pixels on sony is bigger than the ones on canon, that is a good thing, that means the pixels are bigger and more sensitive to light, that result in better low light performance and better colour saturation. SO Sony has this won BUT..

-Canon has the ability to shoot RAW pictures, Where as Sony takes only JPEG, that could be a good thing for a keen photographer, you see Jpegs are compressed so they loose a lot of detail, but when you have RAW files you can choose which detail to keep and vise-versa.

-Thirdly is the movie mode, both cameras do 1080p but there is a crucial difference. Aspect Ratio. Sony does 1440x1080p and Canon does 1920x1080p. Which means Canon does widescreen Full HD video and sony does letterbox Full HD video. Both cameras do stereo sound.

-Fourthly Speed. Sony is much faster. Sony can shoot 10fps on full resolution, Canon does 4fps.

-In terms of other features, Sony seems to have Canon Nicked. Sony has Panoramic sweep mode which is amazing, you can sweep the camera 224degree and it would lace all the pictures together automatically, Sony has anti blink function, smile detection,NightShot and many others, where canon has fully articultaed widescreen and.... thats it, Sony has better set of features.

_Both models have 20X zoom and built in pop-up flash, but Canon has Hot shoe for connecting extrnal speed Guns.

My Verdict:

If you are a keen photographer who want something closer to DSLR then go for Canon.
But if you are ordinary user who want more control and fun, then Sony is the best option.

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