Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cybershot WAR : DSC H-50 vs. DSC HX-1

Now that most of the companies have replaced their Ultra zoom compact cameras, or Bridge cameras, Sony has introduced a new one but didn't replaced the old one.

I 'm asked a lot of times that what the difference between HX1 and H50 apparently they look the same and have the same value of megapixels, but HX-1 is considerably expensive.

Well that what i m here for, I went to "Sony World" and checked out the new HX-1 and then i compared it to my H-50 and now i ll explain all that here and in the end i ll give you my verdict.

First of all lets talk Sensor.

Sensor & Processor:
H-50 has a HAD CCD sensor with BionZ processor and HX-1 has a CMOS sensor with Exmor technology and of course a BionZ processor.
SO whats the deal with CMOS, well CMOS consume less power than the CCD and has better responsiveness too compared to the CCD, Plus CMOS sensors have double the sensitivity of CCD, which means less noise and better low light quality.

Lens and Zoom:
H-50 has a Carl Ziess Lens with 15x optical zoom, whereas HX-1 has a G Lens(Professional lens by Sony) with 20x optical zoom, HX-1's lens is both wider and tele than H-50's.

H-50 is not a fast camera in any respect, But the use of Cmos has given sony the opportunity to increase the speed considerably. H-50 takes photos at about 1.4 fps HX-1 blows it away with 10 fps at full resolution. Plus the boot time of HX-1 is considerably less than of H-50.

Both cameras have 9 point auto focus and both performe the same in various conditions, which in my thought is pretty slow.

Movie Mode:
H-50 can record video in VGA(640x480) @ 30fps or @ 15fps whereas HX-1 has a monumental victory in this sector over H-50 by offering HD. HX-1 records at 1440x1080@30fps and also at 1280x720@30fps or the VGA mode as well. Not just the video that's been improved, the sound is not captured stereo unlike the H-50's mono and the mics are placed on the head to cover the whole surrounding rather than H-50 single mic on the left shoulder.

Intelligent Automode in the HX-1 can determine the automatic settings for the Auto mode much faster and much more accurate when compared to the H-50 so it's a heaven for the newbies and novice, by being a lot more forgiving than the simple AUTO in the H-50.

HX-1 incorporates nearly all the features of H-50 and Raise them to a New level. The head line is the sweep panoramic mode which allows you to just sweep your camera accross 224 degrees and then it interlaces then into a 224degree panoramic photo. Then there is the blink assist and lots more.

At the end of the day HX-1 is a better camera but is it worth the money????
The Answer is Yes, Quality of both the video and images is better and the camera responses much faster than H-50 and it's a joy to use the HX-1, I 'd say buy it, Its worth the extra cash.

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