Wednesday, August 19, 2009

iPhone 3G S No. 1 Handset in Japan

Many analysts and industry watchers had thought Apple would struggle in Japan when it launched the iPhone there. Indeed the reactions have been somewhat mixed with some Japanese seeming a bit underwhelmed with the iPhone despite its popularity in the rest of the world. However, new figures show that far from being a flop the iPhone 3G S was the biggest selling handset in Japan in July. In the top ten list of best selling handsets the 16 GB 3G S also made an appearance at number 9. It's quite a coup for Apple to have done so well in what is arguably the most advanced mobile amrket in the world and where the competition brings a lot of advanced features and services to bear. The full top ten is below:

Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB (Softbank)
Sharp SH-06A (Docomo)
Panasonic 830P (Softbank)
Sharp SH-05A (Docomo)
NEC N-08A (Docomo)
Sony-Ericsson Premier3 (au)
Sharp SH-02A (Docomo)
Casio W63CA (au)
Apple iPhone 3GS 16 GB (Softbank)
Sharp SH001 (au)


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