Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Microsoft To Ditch 'Windows Mobile' Brandname

Windows Mobile is not long for this world it seems ... well the name isn't at any rate. Microsoft are reportedly set to ditch the brand name 'Windows Mobile' in favour of a new brand 'Windows Phone'. The change in naming convention will apply to iterations of Windows Mobile from 6.1 onwards. For their part Microsoft are saying that the change will help consumers because they think that customers are apparently confused by the different version numbers of Windows Mobile. Instead all customers will need to know is that their handset is running 'Windows Phone OS'. Some might think that Microsoft's reason for the name change is a bit flimsy, but it does have practical benefits in streamlining how the OS is viewed as well as perhaps drawing a little more attention to it in the short-term.

The Inquirer, the source of the name change speculation, is also rep orting that Microsoft are set to release a new video of their latest mobile OS this Friday i.e. tomorrow. Whilst there has been no official word on an updated video there is still time for such an announcement to be made if indeed one has to be made at all. A new video will be eagerly anticipated by industry watchers and customers alike to see how far Microsoft has progressed given the highly competitive nature of the mobile OS scene in recent times.

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